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Sunday, January 23, 2011

Tips and Tricks How to Apply Google Adsense Program

Make a blog on Blogger.com with using the English language (If Difficulties copy & paste articles available free on the internet, for example: EzineArticles, ArticleCity, etc.). The reason I recommend the use blogspot Because That According to many experiences have proved to be more easy than previous we already have a site / blog has been good and have high traffic.

Another reason for Bloggers have Become part of Google so Google That will put it.

Use Gmail email, if you do not have Gmail please register. My messages do not easily give up, Because in order to sign up for Google Adsense and easy bother at first but after many failed Attempted continue finally accepted as well. I own up to register new 4x can be approved by Google, so before Applying Consider Their first blogs been good about that?

Try to fill the long postingannya least 4 articles and create shotbox eg, we can also enter a video (can be taken at YouTube or Google). Necessary if we can ask for opinions from friends WHO have succeeded in the field of AdSense, the point we need to know if he thought our blog was worthy or not.

How to Apply Google AdSense

Once everything is prepared properly, then follow the steps below:
  • Click the AdSense in the sidebar of this blog (right side with the writing Generate revenue from your site with Google AdSense), Will Appear as shown below, Click on Sign up now >>.
  • Appears Registration Form, fill it with complete Website Information On the menu Website URL, write the address of your site or blog. Example: http://nama-blog.blogspot.com; Website Language, select the Home (use the website in English). 
  • On Menu Contact Information
Account Type, select "Individual";
Country or Territory, select "Indonesia" or any country you want WHO.
  • Payee Name (Full Name)
Write the full name in accordance with the ID card, driving license or bank account.
Address line 1, fill the house with full address
Address line 2 (optional), fill it with another address eg a relative, friend.
Phone, (optional)
Fax, (optional)
  • Policies, check all the city there are signs That you agree to have an agreement with Google AdSense (you should read first).
  • Login Information section, fill in your email address will be used to login to a Google AdSense account later if it has been received (the Earlier Gmail email), use another email had not been a problem.
  • SUBMIT INFORMATION, Check once again if everything is filled in correctly, if it is OK click SUBMIT INFORMATION button.
  • Check Email, click on the validation link sent That Is automatically to your email.
  • Done, When the most awaited whether we are accepted by Google or even rejected. Usually after 2 to 7 days there will be a reply from Google, if you are lucky there will be email as below:
Subject: Welcome to Google AdSense

Congratulations! Your Google AdSense application has been approved. Your account is now activated, and Google ads are being delivered to your pages.
You can login to your AdSense account ata any time, to the make change to your ad layouts or to view your activity reports. And so on ..
If the less fortunate you will be Able to email something like this:
Unfortunately! And so on .. If you can email a second, do not be sad once there was a chance next. We can try to continue until it works, very few people WHO managed to sign up with one list only, an average of 3 times

Approve new list can be by Google. For a list of the latter try to replace your data, change email, blogs, need to change the topic.
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