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Monday, July 30, 2012

Classifying the way Google ads on the Website or Blog

Various kinds of methods are used by Bloggers to your site or blog can get money with Advertising. Ads can be obtained from various sites of advertisers for a fee-based Pay per clik or often called PPC, such as Google adsense, Kliksaya, AdsenseCamp, PPCindo, Klikmedia, and many more sites that PPC is often used by Bloggers to earn money.

Here I would like to discuss how to group the ads on a website or blog with the intention of allowing you to identify specific sites that may contain advertisements from your ppc, with the aim that no one else who can use your ad code on your site or another blog in a way Source code retrieval from advertising thus resulting in mark your PCC account and banned for violating TOS of ppc, as an example for google ads.

Well, to prevent such things you can use the following features as the prevention of the above matters which will hurt you.

Here's how to classify the fish (especially fish google) you to a particular site,
First, Sign In or login to your account.
second, go to the Home tab, then go to "account settings".
Third, in the "access & authorization", next to "site on the authorization to display the ads' click edit.
Fourth, Give cecklist or a check in the box, only authorize the particular site to display ads on my account.
Fifth, Then Enter the URL of your blog site or you want to advertise it, then click save.
The original site of Google Adsense Changes will be made for 48 hours.

If you have grouped your site or blog you want to put ads then any site or blog url that you have entered in the feature had to be authorized as a registered site or blog for advertising. but if you advertise our site or blog that is not listed on the authorization feature, then the ads will still be displayed but you will not receive any revenue from the sites listed are not even keep showing impressions and clicks and remains in the record.

The bottom line As I quoted from the regulations or the TOS of Google ads as follows:

If you do not add to the list of authorized sites, and you place the ad code on the site, the ads will continue to appear on the site but you will not earn anything. Please enable this feature with caution to avoid loss of revenue valid.
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