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Monday, July 30, 2012

Comprehension and understanding Bloggers

If you already know about blogs, then definitely heard the name bloggers. "I am proud to be a blogger" my words are a beginner, and very proud when mentioning. Of course grammar blogger is someone who has a blog and write article content in it. Then blog admin this info can also be called a blogger? can be said like that but just a blogger nubie that is still in the learning stages.

Examples of goals from a blogger:
"A blogger is a writer"
Yeah right. If the goal he is writing. These words are perfect for those of you who enjoy sharing good stories short stories, diaries, novels, and other records.
And the goal is often used as motivation by the majority of the bloggers.
"a blogger is business"
Yeah right. If the goal he is seeking profit in his blog. And today so many people who create blogs or Wesite just to look for mere wealth. Whatever he traveled. Even that is not adept at how to make it, the bandwagon to create a blog just to give you tips and tricks about the science of business.

From these two instances where you choose ...?
The bottom line ...
Blogger is us. We are human beings who have different thoughts. Make a blog that is able to motivate, provide comfort and blessing to us.
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