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Monday, July 30, 2012

Improve SEO Blog Optimal

Of course every Blogger/Web owners want to Blog/Website was ranked first in the search engine ranks or at least better. Actually there are many ways to optimize these things and this time I will share SEO tips for Bloggers.

Get the reader!
Do not give up on nofollow links as given in Twitter, Facebook, or blog comments. If you have something interesting to add to the conversation, it will naturally bring the reader back to your content. And readers that you have will recommend the article that you have with other potential readers!

Get the link
The most glamorous and most successful to begin to do this is to write high-quality content! Creating an article you that people will want to come back and read again, or recommend to your friends and / or readers. Surely this can be done by writing posts as attractive as possible so that your readers interest.

Links to other Content
You want Google to treat you as an authority site, so act like one. The site authority is not clogged; think about how many links out sites like Wikipedia. Make sure you put a link related to the contents of the previous article, not a jump-jump. Readers who read this article also interconnected with each other will find it more convenient with this linkage.

Internal Link
Link to your other posts! It may sound a bit odd, but the more internal links you have, "higher" (closer to home page) the articles appeared, and they get more credit with the search engines. Imagine all the pages on the web - you want them all to come together and relate to one another, rather than scattered without the connection.

Tag Title
It may sound a bit confusing, but the title of our blog posts and title tags are associated with the posting is about, are two different things.

Some bloggers make the title only in the title tag, this is better than SEO strategy because it does not dilute the key word in the title. However, other bloggers start or end the title tag with the name of their blog. This can be good for branding reasons to help readers recognize the name of the blog in the future. If you want the best of both worlds, make sure the title of the post comes up first, followed by the name of the blog (the first words in the title is recognized more often by search engines).

Words and Phrases
When someone wants to find an information on the search engines what they type? of course, a key word! use of words, synonyms, phrases that relate to the content of your posts. But remember not to use excessive keywords because it can be considered spam.

Talking about the course content relates about the quality and quantity. Problem may be in disregard of quantity, the fact that the visitor does not notice the large number of posts you have, but the quality of the posts that you make. When visitors feel that the content that you write interesting to read, they certainly would not hesitate to come back again into the blog. And that's when you try to update the contents of your blog posts with things that are interesting and new course for the search engines happy with fresh things. As a result of your blog too slowly will experience significant improvement.
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