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Monday, July 30, 2012

The difference between a website with blog

Many people ask, "what difference does it make Blogs and websites?" Each resource has different definitions of a blog. But what is described by Yaro Starak is very interesting. "What did he say?"

Differences Blog and Website:
Basically, a blog is a website. Yes, the blog is a website with a few differences:
1. Articles sorted chronologically with the latest articles on the front.
This is the legacy of the aspects of journal / diary online for blogs. Prior to its current form, the blog is an online diary, where publishers display their activities. And diary, of course, ranked by order of the time.
2. Easy to add new content.
In general, blogs have a "Dashboard" / back-end to manage the articles are easy to use, by ordinary Internet users though. This makes ordinary Internet users to publish articles with ease, and encourage the spread of blogs.
3. Content is updated on a regular basis.
In this case, for a blog that is well cared for. This makes visitors keep returning to get the latest content.
4. Blogs allow visitors to leave a comment.
It is re-create much of a difference. If the usual website only provides "one-way communication", visitors simply accept what is given explicitly publishers, blogs provide "two-way communication" in visitors. The content of the publication can be commented, and comments can be rewarded with another comment that will act as discussion there.
5. What makes the blog is more trustworthy than ordinary website: Blog is a "conversation".
Yep, deals with all the points above. Blogs not Just only "provide information" on visitors. Blog do "conversation" using the media writing. The idea of ​​many people mingled on the blog. And the conversation via this blog to encourage more things, and one of them is the "build human relationships."
Yup, that was 5 things that distinguishes a blog with website by Yaro Starak.
The Bottom Line...
In my opinion, there is usually a website login boxes, so there are members. While the blog is only for pages, notes and personal experience of the author alone. But sometimes websites also like to omit the words log, and rampant now, a lot of websites that are only for informational purposes only. No members are recruited.
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