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Thursday, January 13, 2011


The puzzle about tablet computers output when the BlackBerry is present in Indonesia began to lift. Senior Director of Reseach In Motion Francois Mahieu said Playbook will be launched in the United States in the first quarter of this year. "For other countries are expected to attend in the second quarter," said Mahieu told reporters on the sidelines of the Asia BlackBerry Developer Conference 2011 in Nusa Dua, Bali, January 13, 2011. 

This means Playbook will come out after May 2011. Mahieu can not ensure this device will be sold at what price. RIM is currently working hard clearing the launch preparation. Playbook is a device that can be called challenging iPad. Unlike Android animated display is still inferior to iPad, Playbook can play with good animation. In fact, they can display an animation in Flash and Adobe Air. "There are three key advantages Playbook," Mahieu said. First, the computer is present in the form of good carry, 7-inch screen, good resolution screen, weighs less than 400 grams. Advantages second, Playbook uses dual processors so that users can perform multitasking (in a time of opening more than one application) with the good. 

Three advantages, said Mahieu, Playbook offers a complete multimedia enjoyment. The device is enjoyable because it supports Adobe Flash distinction. Paul Burnett, Senior Creative Solutions Worldwide Engaelist of Adobe agreed with Mahieu. He admitted that he had bought iPad and Samsung Android-based Galaxy Tab. "This device is really interesting," he said. What makes him kesengsem course apart because of this device supports Adobe Flash and Adobe's water is a dual processor. Processor speed it makes, "Playbook can play an animation without any loss in performance," said Paul Burnett. In the computer world, there is the adage the faster the processor means will usually have implications for the more extravagant such devices. 

Does that apply to the Playbook? Mahieu reluctant to answer. He also did not answer how much battery life Playbook. "We officially have not announced how long the battery life," said Mahieu added. But, according to him, each user has different habits, there are like multimedia, and it will affect battery life. For comparison, battery life iPad when used in normal circumstances is not multimedia, can hold up to 10 hours. The Galaxy Tab Samsung Android-based battery endurance to 7 hours.
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